Perseverance of the Saints (single)

by Chris Marchand

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Perseverance of the Saints (the single with B-side) will remain free to download from All Saints Day (November 1) until the beginning of Advent (December 1).

A doctrine of the Church.
An illusive concept grasping to explain salvation, sanctification, and who exactly belongs to God.
A contentious issue for nearly all involved.

There are many who have gone before us and we stand on their shoulders, dwarves perched upon giants. We live our own lives and yet our story is their story. We are their offspring and we can only hope there will be others carrying the torch into the future. We have our own faith but that faith would be useless if we didn't have each other. We have each other but we would have nothing if we were not anchored to Christ.

We are the Saints. We will persevere and we will hope. As one together.

Perseverance of the Saints--An instrumental acoustic guitar song that slowly evolved into something else both musically and thematically. For some reason Chris new it was supposed to be called Perseverance of the Saints. It just seemed to fit.

Ain't Givin Up Hope--This was one of the first songs Chris ever wrote, probably around 1998. It's a genre study really, although Chris didn't know it at the time. It's cliched in so many ways that it's either trite or it's an homage to a tradition. It could be both, but it's also the sincere cry of a pilgrim of faith.


released November 1, 2013




Chris Marchand Peoria, Illinois

Chris Marchand writes and records music in Central Illinois. He will always be searching for the best melody. You can find his writings at

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Track Name: Perseverance of the Saints
Track Name: Ain't Givin Up Hope (BDST Demo Version)
Ain't Giving Up Hope
Well I've been beaten up
And I've been beaten down
Been shown the misfortune of this world
But I ain't givin' up hope
And I ain't leavin' town
Cause my feet are on solid ground

And I ain't givin' up hope
No I ain't givin' up hope
I ain't giving up hope
I ain't givin' up hope
No I ain't giving up hope
Cause I know who my God is

Well I know how it feels to hurt
Know how it feels to grieve
And I know how it is to have your
Face rubbed in the dirt
And I know what it's like bein'
Humbled to your knees

But I ain't givin' up hope...

Well I've been extended the hand of grace
Been given the vine of peace
And all I had to do was look
In Jesus' sweet face
And he gave me all I ever did need.

So I ain't givin' up